Sub-Surf Rocks!


The intended audience for this website is students studying Geology A2 and Undergraduate Geologists. The website is supported by the UK Onshore Geophysical Library, the British Geological Survey and the University of Derby.

With energy supplies being used at an increasing rate, the need for new explorationists is growing all the time – DECC, 2009

Getting started

This site is mainly concerned with the sub-surface, a place which is of great interest due to the valuable natural resources that can be found there, but a place which it is very difficult for us to get to.

One type of deposit is hydrocarbons, which is the name given to oil and gas. Locating hydrocarbons in large enough quantities for an economic deposit is big business and the value of such reserves has generated a whole industry that uses highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

The oil industry is busy all over the world searching for new prospects.

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